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About us

In 1982, Alnaffar Company for Electrical Appliances and General Trade was established and managed by Mr. Wajeeh Alnaffar & his Sons. Initially, the company began with manufacturing TV antennas to provide the local customers with the best products. Since 2000, the Company expanded its investment and business to pioneer in producing electrical appliances including (sockets, interior and exterior panels, switches and boxes).

In 2008, The Company inaugurated the new branch in Thalathini Street, in the heart of Gaza City, and managed by the Company’s General Manager Mr. Fadi Wajeeh Alnaffar. This represented our commitment to serve the local community in Gaza Strip with their needs with its large collection of products. Moving forward, the Company expanded its business by importing variety of unique electrical appliances and related products as per the latest technologies in the field.

Since 2000, the Company strongly work to maintain excellence and quality to keep its pioneer and leading position in electric appliances production in Gaza Strip. We are committed to offer best products to the local market, best services to the clients, create an excellent work environment to its staff and workers, and proudly contribute to the Palestinian Community’s development.

Customer satisfaction is a result of the Company continuous efforts to uphold the customers’ confidence by offering best quality products in the market.

In this regard, Alnaffar Company presented the excellent brand (LION) and related products which became popular among customers and gained their trust for its significant quality and efficiency. Currently, we are working on various and creative designs for our products in line with domestic and international standards considering offering them in suitable prices as for the growing financial burden on the community, especially for the costs of homes and stores finishing.

The Company seeks further expanding to enrich its collection of products and services in harmony with the constant changes in the local and international markets.

  • Excellence

- Seeking business excellence maintains our focus on the clients and looking forward to understand their needs and work hard to fulfill them in order to provide the best products.
- We work professionally, care about quality, cherish loyalty, and aim at the highest value.
- We adopt high standards in service provision to ALL customers.
- We always take care of developing knowledge and professional skills to advance our capacity to provide the best products.
- Introducing the latest technologies in the field is very essential for our Company to reach the excellence and quality levels we always aspire.
- We always pay attention to clean environment for its significance for progress, development and public health, therefore.

  • Being Friendly

- We enjoy working and achieving our goals through building and maintaining friendly and positive professional relations with others.
- We treat everyone with respect and appreciation, and expect everyone to deal with us the same way.

  • Being Dynamic

- We are so keen towards our work and committed to fulfill our clients’ various needs.
- We actively work and shape our directions in everything we do to reach the best outcomes for our clients in an evolving and rapidly changing field with a very sophisticated technology.

  •  Being Simple

- We communicate and deal with everyone in very simple and clear way.
- We are open minded and flexible toward others.
- We seek to fulfill our clients’ needs in suitable and convenient means.
- The Company is committed to the highest level of efficiency to ensure smooth and active work.
- We speak about our work clearly and simply, and we ensure to turn our words into deeds.

  • Being Human

- We are dedicated to contribute to building a better reality for our community.
- Proudly, we are a responsible company who cares about the public interest.
- Our social responsibility program’s goal is based on giving back to the community, providing a sense of hope and showing the human side which is a priority for the Company.
- Social responsibility is an integral factor in our planning strategy and daily activities.

Company Products
  • Lion Products
    • Socket Lion
    • Electric Switch
    • Collection boxes
    • Cover Electric Switch
    • Lamp Holder
    • Decor Lamp Holder
    • LED Panel Light
    • Ceiling Lighting
    • Lamp LED
    • Plastic Box
    • Interrupter
  • Israeli Products
  • European Products
  • Chandeliers
    • Chandeliers / 1
    • Chandeliers / 3
    • Chandeliers / 5